Email to parents to invite participation in parent survey and inform about child surveys

Dear Parent,

My name is Joel Hektner. I am a professor in Human Development and Family Science at North Dakota State University, and I am conducting a research project to evaluate 21st Century Community Learning Centers across North Dakota as authorized by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction. 

Parent Survey

As part of this project, we are asking all parents who have a child in one of these before- or after-school programs to complete a very brief online survey to tell us about your impressions of the program.

This is an anonymous survey. The program director will be informed only of overall ratings across all surveys. At the end of the survey, you will have the option of entering a drawing for one of two $50 Amazon gift cards that will be awarded in your region of the state.

Here is the link to start the survey:

Child Survey

We will also be doing a separate survey of the children in the program. The children’s survey in the elementary grades will use age-appropriate words, with a smiley-face image that they will use to indicate how happy they are with different aspects of the program. Children will complete the survey on the computer during their time at the program, and each question also has an option for the child to hear an audio recording of it. A different version of the survey is used for middle and high school students. Children will be allowed to not do the survey if they don’t want to, or to skip any question they don’t want to answer. This survey is also anonymous.

If you do not wish your child to be invited to take this survey, please let me know by email ( or phone (701-231-8269). I would also be happy to share a copy of the survey with you if you’d like to see all of the questions.

Thank you for your attention and participation.

Joel Hektner

Professor in Human Development and Family Science 

North Dakota State University